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Joel Muzard, PhD: Leader, Facilitator & Moderator

With years of experience in KM, Education, Artificial Intelligence, research and development, Joel Muzard is more connected to the blogsphere than your average Joe. Having trained in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Quebec, and Montreal Dr. Muzard is well equiped to handle the information overload and bring to life innovative projects that strive to tackle the dimensions of the digital age. Having developed and conceived WebIDEApro and the Knowledge-Language, Joel is the brains behind A-i-A, WebIDEApro, and all the offsprings of the orginal Knowledge Cafe in Montreal.

Roberto Muzard: The WebIDEApro Architect and Programmer

Roberto knows how to make it happen to give the user a very good user experience.

Nicola Nobile, Ai Specialist, Concordia University

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